The Order of the Arrow is the Boy Scouts of America's National Honor Camping Society, the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. OA youth members are elected annually by at a favorable vote of at least 50% of the Scouts in their Troop, chosen on the basis of exemplifing those three ideals. One adult Scouter a year may be nominated by the Troop Committee. The OA is organized in council size units, named Lodges. Ktemaque Lodge is associated with Westchester-Putnam Council. The OA also offers Scouts under 21 the opportunity to serve as Section, Region, and even National officers.

The Lodge is the place where most of the service and fellowship happens. Once a year, Lodges from the surrounding area hold a Section Conclave, a combination of fun, fellowship and training. Ktemaque Lodge belongs to Section NE-7B with six other lodges (Ranachqua / GNYC-Bronx, Half Moon / Rip Van Winkle, Suanhacky / GNYC - Queens, Nacha Nimat / Hudson Valley, Shinnecock / Suffolk, and Buckskin / Theodore Roosevelt). The 2011 Section Conclave will be hosted by Shinnecock Lodge 360 at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp, Calverton, NY on June 12-14.

In addition, there are also national events. Each year, the OA supplies service corps to each of the 3 National High Adventure bases, and every 4 years for the National Jamborees. Every 2 years, the OA holds a week-long National Order of the Arrow Conference ( in 2012, July 30 to August 4 at Michigan State University.)

Youth requirements for being eligible to stand for election include:

Troop 6 OA Brothers


Youth Members (Under 21)

Adult Members

Lars Spalin, Jr: Ordeal 9/08, Brotherhood 9/09
OA Wilderness Voyage (Northern Tier), July 2009
OA Trail Crew (Philmont), June 2012
Hudson Apotheker: Ordeal 5/10
Austin A.: Ordeal 5/09, Brotherhood 5/10
Boris B.: Ordeal 9/12
Thad F.: Ordeal 5/11, Brotherhood
Graham H.-M.: Ordeal 5/12
Ryan H.-M.: Ordeal 9/12

Jeff Apotheker, Ordeal
Jamil Cumberbatch, Ordeal
Stephen Cumberbatch, Ordeal 5/12
Charles Deschamps, Vigil Honor
Christopher Deschamps, Brotherhood
Fred Gervat, Vigil Honor, Founders' Award, NOAC Staff
James Ryan, Brotherhood
Lars Spalin, Brotherhood
John Tegtmeier, Vigil Honor 4/67, NOAC Staff

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