About Troop 6, New Rochelle

Troop 6 is a highly diversified urban unit in the City of New Rochelle, NY, known as the "Queen City of the Sound." Our lower Westchester County location, just north of New York City, has allowed a vibrant community to flourish, and our troop reflects the best of that ethnic, racial and religious mix. Troop 6ís charter partner is the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle and we meet Thursday evenings (7:30 - 9:15) in the Church's Social Hall. The year 2007 marked the official 50th Anniversary of the Troop.

In addition to regular Troop meetings, we are very committed to having a full outdoor camping program (check out our calendar.) Because of the vitality of programming, coupled with an emphasis on both the Patrol Method and individual advancement, we retain many of our older scouts throughout high school. This gives us an experienced and trained corps of youth leaders, the cornerstone of running a Scout Troop that excels. A good indicator of this success is that the Troop has never failed to earned Quality Unit designation in all the years that the award has been given.

A motivated and knowledgeable staff of adult leaders forms the last leg of the tripod that supports a good Troop. We have a great blend of old veterans (some with 50+ years in Scouting) to new parents serving on our Committee. Many have served in District and Council-wide positions.

There are currently 8 Eagle Scouts registered with the Troop, and 12 members of the Order of the Arrow, 3 of them Vigil Honor including a Founders' Award recipient.

Interested in joining our Troop??? E-mail us at info@troop6nr.org

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Last Updated: December 24, 2011