The National Council, Westchester-Putnam Council, and Algonquin District all offer many different training sessions to enable leaders to provide the best possible program to the youth members of their unit. High levels of training for both adult and youth leaders are the cornerstone of running a top program. Contact Scoutmaster or Committee Chairperson for more information.

Adult Scouter Training Programs

Youth Protection Guidelines: This is intended for all leaders and any adult working with Scouts. It reviews the youth protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America (1.5 hrs). National Council also has this training online.

Fast Start Training: Video training designed to be used at the point of recruiting to familiarize new leaders with their basic job responsibilities. This video is an introduction to Scouting and should be followed with basic training as soon as possible. This training is available for all programs within the Boy Scouts of America. (1.5 hrs)

Roundtable: A monthly supplemental training held to enhance leader skills. (1.5 hrs)

Trained Badge

New Leader Essentials: This is the initial training for all adult leaders. Leaders learn about the aims of the Scouting program and the methods used to achieve these aims. They also gain a basic understanding of youth development, how Scouting is organized and financed, policies related to the program, and resources to help leaders succeed. (1.5 hrs)

Troop Committee Training: The Troop Committee Challenge - Boy Scout Troop Committee Training is a three-hour course for members of the troop committee. It is designed to help troop committee members better understand their roles and responsibilities through interactive learning.

Show N'Do: A one-day training activity for both adults and scouts, where adults demonstrate a variety of scout specialties.

Merit Badge Counselor Orientation: This training helps a merit badge counselor understand their job as a coach and counselor, who provides realistic learning experiences to a Scout in his study of a merit badge subject.

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training: This training has three sessions designed to provide leaders with a good working knowledge of troop operations. The three sessions are: Role of the Scoutmaster in a Boy-Led Troop; The Outdoor Program and the Advancement Program; and Program Planning and Troop Administration. The course may be held in one session or broken into three 3 hours sessions.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills: This course is a hands-on training program to give adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the Outdoors. Imagine having hands-on knowledge about setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, outdoor cooking - all the skills necessary to see the outdoor program of the Boy Scouts of America come to life. The course is a day and a half long.

Wood Badge Beads

Wood Badge: The Boy Scouts of America's premier advanced training in leadership theory and team development. Wood Badge is designed for all leaders from every program in Scouting. The course may be offered either as one straight week or as two consecutive weekends.(6 days)

Philmont Conferences (by invitation only): A variety of conferences are offered for the leaders who are selected to receive invitations to this training center located in New Mexico. (1 week)

Youth Training Programs


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT): The highest-level youth leader training available for troop youth leaders. It helps youth with developing superior leadership skills including vision - goal planning, teaching, team development, and conflict resolution. The course may be offered either as one straight week or as two consecutive weekends. The course is open to First Class scouts aged 13-17 who are recommended by their Scoutmaster.

Patrol Leader Development: A new program being developed in Westchester-Putnam Council aimed at the effective running of patrols. Held during the University of Scouting. (1 day)

Troop Leadership Training: Basic youth leadership training run directly by each troop. This training is both general and position specific. Held by Troop 6 annually. (3-6 hours)

Den Chief Training: A meeting of den chiefs and prospective den chiefs designed to combine a good time with training. Cubmasters, Webelos den leaders, den leaders and other adult pack or troop leaders who register den chief in the conference who should arrange to participate with them. (6 hrs)

Den Chief Conference: A meeting of Den Chiefs and prospective Den Chiefs designed to combine a good time with training. Cubmasters, Webelos Den Leaders, Cub Scout Den Leaders, and other pack or troop leaders who register Den Chiefs in the conference should arrange to participate with them. (6 hrs)

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